The Benefits of tesda online courses for ofw

The tesda online courses for ofw are now the new solute to the learning challenges that many people experience if they are working or are committed with home chores. Failing to learn will now not be an excuse to the Overseas Filipino Workers as an online studying program has already been initiated to bridge the gap between classroom and workplace. I know your belief in education without limit that is why the tesda online courses for ofw has you sorted out for the knowledge and skills addition at the comfort of your house. Different courses are being offered for free to the OFW students wherever they are in the world.

Time management


The most notable element about the tesda online courses for ofw is that time management has beentaken care of under all circumstances. The online learning process is designed in a way that it is possible to plan for the time that you have at any given moment to balance work and education. The systems are convenient to improve and upscale every member of the OFW across the world. It is easy to access the materials online at your convenience. Most of the challenges of classrooms accessibility are well taken care of on this platform.


The benefit of the internet

In addition to the courses being available online, the students have the benefit of referring the internet free of charge to refresh their memories on the previous sessions. There is no any given moment when one would run short of notes due to one factor or another as the systems allow easy access to the online libraries. It is the duty of the online tutoring management body to offer the necessary services to all OFW students in the stipulated systems. The TESDA systems are in a way that it is possible to know the exact alienation of any student through an online assessment to allow quality learning process.

Education for all

gsxbsntThe logic behind the courses is to eliminate any form of illiteracy among young, old, employed and unemployed Filipino people across the globe. The learning process is not only but also at your chosen time. The students who have access to a high-speed internet with a computer or laptop are ready to go and have the free tutorials online. The completion of the course online is, however, a guarantee to get a certificate of competence. The successful learners will have to take the initiative to take a face to face assessment in the specific TESDA centers to ensure that they are qualified.



Typing in youth years


Back in the 80’s and 90’s when technology was evolving and becoming useful for people of all ages, children were enjoying the change through video games and hand-held game devices, only. The upsurge in TV video games and hand-held game devices helped children in enhancing their hand to eye coordination. But, those days are well gone now. Technology and children have come a long way. Therefore, we need to adaptaccordingly.


There was a time when technology was only confined to computers that were placed in homes or offices. It used to contain a heavyweight CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Today, technology has placed the world in our hands and we can access it whenever we want to. We are moving with smartphones in our pockets, tablets in our hands and laptops in our bags. This has made our lives much easier as we no longer have to find a computer cyber café to deliver information or communicate. Moreover, the smartphones and tablets are all touchscreens. With no keyboard, these devices simply work with a touch of the fingers. Though they were introduced for adults to get their work done, they are now actively used by children too. Even schools are encouraging children to finish their homework or projects on digital gadgets.



As we move on, children are getting more and more involved in digital devices. They are no longer using it for watching videos or playing games. They are starting to communicate and complete their school work through them. With gadgets becoming such an important aspect of our children’s lives, there is a need for proper education. Education related to typing. Children must be taught how to type proficiently and quickly on touchscreen devices and this can only be achieved through typing games for children. Gradually these devices would make their way to schools and children may no longer be working on paper. So, before that day arrives and to combat present-day requirements, kids need to learn the art of typing. They need a tutor like that would help them in learning how to type in a fun and enjoyable way.ty1sgvsdvs

You cannot teach children the way you teach adults. That is not possible. The tolerance levels of children are very low. They easily get bored after a certain time and would only be willing to sit and learn, if it is being done in a proper and colorful way. knows the ability of kids and therefore, have designed amazing games for their learning. Besides having fun, they can get equipped with the art of typing. This would not just add another skill to their arsenal but would also enable them to walk toe to toe with the modern world. There are four levels with 12 stages in total. Three stages per level. When a kid becomes familiar with a certain level, they will move on to the slightly harder one. By the end of it all, they would be known as kid’s level professional typist.…


How Dancing Salsa Can Help You Improve Your Relationship

Building a long-lasting relationship can be a daunting task with the couples coming from with extreme backgrounds and having lots of dissimilarities in the choice of food, clothing, music,
dance and the rest of them. As beautiful as relationships are, you will often hear that making it work is hard work. A lot of relationship-experts advice that both parties need to be more compassionate and understanding towards each other. To align with this, studies reveal that dancing salsa can build stronger relationships and improve your emotional health.

Ever wonder why about-to-be-wedded couples enroll for private salsa lessons? Or why brides wait until the special day to showcase their salsa skills? Aside the fun and the cheers from spectators, the memories created from the dance moves are very significant and here is why:


A significant improvement in emotional health is established.

Dancing is a form of exercise which naturally elevates your mood by increasing your endorphin levels. If you are going through stress with your partner or having issues, this romantic dance move can help you heal the stress almost immediately and improve the harmony between you and your partner. This can also help you boost your confidence with your partner and help you both to connect naturally with each other. Also,
people who believe in love, at first sight, tend to have a strong connection the first time they try out the salsa moves. It naturally spurs an emotional reaction.


It builds stronger personal relationships.

If you are married, single, have lost a spark or anything related, dancing salsa is a natural supplement to reignite your passion. When dancing salsa, you realize that you connect with your partner in a more passionate, unique and beautiful way that can spark emotions between the both of you. This way, your communication between each other will improve. If you have never danced salsa and your relationship is hitting the rock or the pressure from work makes you deny your partner the needed attention, learning to dance salsa is the answer. You can talk to your partner about the idea, enroll in a private lesson or attend an academy to create fantastic memories. If you are in a courtship, you can set out time to dance salsa with your partner, not only for your wedding occasion to impress your audience but to create sparks in your relationship journey.


It enhances communication.

Some relationships hit the rock due to lack of communication. While some people can air their opinions about everything no matter how insignificant, some others are extremely reserved. This situation can make a relationship void of all the fun and sparks to keep it going. If you think your partner needs to come out of their shell, introducing them to salsa dance is a great idea. Salsa dance strengthens social skills. It’s very entertaining; with loads of fun. This way your partner will improve in their social life and communicate more often.


You do not have to splurge so much on vacation to spice your relationship or to reignite a lost passion. If you can’t afford a luxury lifestyle, you can improve your relationship by creating the time to dance salsa with alongside with your partner to create the fun and memories to keep your relationship going.…


Tips For Choosing The Best Preschool

Each parent wants their children to receive the best educational foundation. This can be achieved through many ways. Some opt to home school their children while others take them to school. Finding the right preschool for your child can be such a hassle. The following are tips to help you in choosing the best preschool for your child.

Distance from home

It is important that one takes their child to a preschool near their home. One should visit the schools around their home and select the best among them. Taking one’s children far from home will be subjecting them to stress through the distance away from home, the pollution they will be exposed to, and their safety on the road among other things. A child is too young to be exposed to such conditions.

Timing of the school

Most preschools are on for half a day or maybe just a few hours. One should go for a preschool which has few hours. The children being taken to preschool learn best when they have few hours in school. Their parents also get time to bond with them after they come from school.

The space

2Most lessons in preschool are for bonding. That is why one should look at the outdoor space where their children will play from. This is why one should visit the school to ensure that the outdoor space has the capacity to handle the preschoolers with the necessary facilities to help them bond and interact. Do not be more interested in the outdoor space alone. The indoor space should also be well equipped to ensure that they have adequate facilities as well.

The management

The management is the backbone of any organization since they make the decisions that affect all the stakeholders. One should do some search on the management of the preschool to find out how well experienced they are to run the school. They should be well educated on children matters and have the capacity and experience to handle children. By doing this, one is ensuring that their children are in not only safe but also good hands.

Available facilities

Apart from the big spaces and classrooms, one should also check on the other facilities. Some of them include the medical facilities just in case any of the children fall ill. One should also find out about the security of the school and all measures put in place to ensure that their children are safe. One should also find out about the celebrations allowed in the preschool like the cultural days and graduations.

Caliber of teachers

3The teachers will be the ones interacting with the children for the better part of their time in school. They should be well trained and experienced. Besides that, they should be motherly so that children are comfortable and feel safe since they have a school mother.

One should ensure they find out all they can about a school before taking their children there. For more information on the best preschool in the UK please visit…

Qualities Of A Good Nursery School

As a new parent, when you are out there hunting for the best nursery school for your kids, it is very important that you look beyond the shiny and well-painted buildings and the high tuition fees that many parents believe that are crucial aspects of a quality nursery school. It is advisable that you take the final decision, only after you have conducted careful research and established practical facts about that particular nursery school.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the attributes that you must look for in a good nursery school.4r5tyhghfgdfs


Should have strong ground rules

A facility that has clear rules and regulations is not only efficiently run, but must be having good customer care habits and dealing. When it comes to assessing the rules of such an institution, it is important that you settle for a nursery school that has the rules that are rightfully implemented that have the flexibility that is essential in handling emergency situations. Inquire if they can allow one to deviate from the official drop and pick up times if one has an emergency. A good nursery school should have defined benchmarks since this is the clearest indication that it is under excellent management.

Should have an inspiring curriculum

You might have come across information that most of the nursery schools, do not use the traditional teaching methods that use teaching aids like notebooks or books. Instead, they emphasize more on environmental learning. Most of them have designed their nursery curriculum which allows children to participate more in physical activities. These activities ensure that the kids learn new things on a daily basis. Look out for such a school, as it will ensure that your kid grows as an all rounded person.

Should have a good reputation

ewrthgfgdfsAlthough it should not be the single factor that you should use to settle on a particular nursery school, the reputation of the nursery school is always important. A nursery school will only develop positive status and reputation when they have a welcoming environment for both their students, visitors, and staff. This is why it is very important that you take a rational decision when you have visited the center in person. According to, ensure that you conduct keen observations when you are within the center. If you realize that the staff and children are happy, then they must be satisfied hence this center must be a good one.

Should have a professional and caring staff

Since they will be handling your kid, ensure that the people you are entrusting your kid with are professionals and that they have a characteristic of being caring. A teacher in nursery school should always be polite, patient, and very understanding as they deal with small kids from different backgrounds.…


Childhood Education – Choosing The Right Nursery School?

What a child becomes is influenced to a huge extent by the environment they find themselves in. The home environment is the first environment where the child is stimulated and experienced to learn. With time, the child is bound to outgrow this environment. As a parent, the best thing to do when your child is ready to learn is to enroll them in a good day nursery and child care in Finchley. A good school provides a conducive environment that allows them to keep learning.

Factors to consider when choosing a nursery school



Where is the school located? The school you take your child to should be a location that is convenient for you and conducive for the child to learn. Therefore, if you will dropping the child on your way to work, the school should be anywhere along the route you use to work. For the benefit of the child, ensure the location is right as well.


In your search, you also need to look for a nursery school with the best facilities. Moreover, these facilities should be in the right order. Since you will be taking your child to a nursery school, you should be interested in playing facilities considering that a child at this age is only interested in playing. There should a good number of toys and other creative resources to them.

The school’s policies

Most of the best school follow a structural approach in how they go about with their business. Some of these rules cover everything about how staff members relate to the kids, attendance issues, how disciplined is maintained among other things. Considering that most institutions have a document that explicitly defines the dos and don’ts, it is advisable to grab a copy of these rules and ensure they are followed.

Qualifications and licensing

WSdasxqwSIt is important to look at the school’s licensing status as well as the suitability of the staff members. The staff members should not be just a bunch of baby sitters but qualified staff members. As such, staff members should be professional childhood educators or individuals trained in other relevant fields.

Finding the right nursery school for your kid takes some time and effort. As such, parents are highly advised to do their homework before choosing a school to take their kid. As a tip, you may consider asking for recommendations from parents or local authorities. Always have these options in mind as you consider your options.…


Signs That You Need A Career Coach

A lot of people are stuck in wrong kinds of jobs. They feel unfulfilled and dreading weekdays are part of life. It is important for a person to discover his or her true passion and take up the courage needed into the world of entrepreneurship. You need to figure out how to leverage your experience into an exciting opportunity. If you fail to do so, then you may be stuck in a given career just like many other people.

It is advisable to tap into several resources, which exist for uncovering new career paths. However, do not overlook the idea of working with experts to find your life’s purpose. You should also create a plan of attack to achieve it. In fact, working with a reputable career coach is what you need as far as discovering your life’s purpose and even creating a plan of achieving it. In this post, you will learn how you know it is the right time to seek services of a career coach.

When you require career coaching

Not sure of what you want

tg2w3edf6yed7ju292i2If you do not have a defined career path, self-assessment, or plan, every job move that you make is just like purchasing a lottery ticket. Fortunately, a career coach can help one uncover his or her skills and strengths. In this way, you can pursue a career that is best suited to you. Thus, if you have been moving from one career to another, it is time you become clear on opportunities where you can thrive.

Not sure how to go about

It is possible you know what you want to pursue, but you are not sure how you can get there. In this case, you need to take the right action to get there. A career coach can help you come up with a plan of making the appropriate career moves. Thus, before switching careers ensure you consult your career coach.

Do not want to leave anything to chance

tg2w3dc7uhwed8i2The fact that there are several resources available for the job seekers, it is very common for coaching clients to have several questions. You should note that some parts of job search such as interviews and networking are dependent on individuals that need a deep analysis of making certain moves and decisions. This is when a career coach can help you.

Tired of taking wrong opportunities

If you feel as if are making wrong moves all the time, this is a sign that your resume is filled with random jobs. Before moving to another which comes your way, you need to work with experts to get your career on the right track.…


How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning A Scholarship

If you are about to complete your high school studies, then you probably know whether you will have adequate money to afford a university education. For instance, some universities or colleges are highly-priced that it takes a lot of investment to create your future. Fortunately, there are several scholarships available for you.

The scholarships facilitate in easing a person’s monetary burden, which the school places on you, but it is only possible if you are prepared to win them. In this post, you will learn some important tips, which can help improve your chances of getting a scholarship.

How to win a scholarship

Start looking

tg3edf76cwed82i22You should start to look for scholarships and applying as early as possible. In fact, the majority of students start looking for scholarships to graduating from high school. Unfortunately, by that time, they will have omitted some opportunities to win some funds for university or college. Nowadays, scholarships are available for different age groups. For example, you can get scholarships for the high school sophomores.

Thus, it is possible to get a scholarship before and during school. It is even possible to win scholarships and grants meant for graduate students. One of the mistakes students makes to wait till summer to apply for scholarships. It is advisable to apply them year-round and even throughout your college time.

Apply ahead of time

In addition to applying ahead of time and during your college career, you need to apply to many scholarships as much as you can. In fact, there is no harm if you apply to several scholarships. In this way, you increase chances of getting one. For your information, there is no given limit as to how many scholarships you ought to apply to.

Be attentive to deadlines

Certain scholarships have a particular time for submission. There is a need to prioritize your scholarships based on the amount of funding and deadlines. First, leave out the tough ones and compete with the easy ones first.tgw3edfc67 hjed8ci

Improve your writing skills

The majority of scholarships require at least one essay. Others need a lot of essays. Thus, you need to improve your writing skills to increase your chances of winning a scholarship. Before submitting your essays, ask your teachers to review them as they can catch some rhetorical issues or grammar mistakes you made. If you can stand out when it comes to essay writing, then you have great chances of winning a scholarship.…

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Accéder à une formation spécialisée et concrète pour se préparer au
monde de l’événementiel, découvrir ses fonctions, métiers, secteurs
Être directement opérationnel en milieu évènementiel à l’issue de la
S’ouvrir et développer leur personnalité : s’exprimer en public, négocier, animer un groupe

A l’issue de la formation bachelor, les étudiants ont ainsi élaboré leur projet personnel et professionnel et peuvent : soit, entrer sur le marché de l’emploi dans les grandes fonctions du middle management en événementiel, soit poursuivre leurs études en intégrant une des nombreuses formations Master du Groupe IGS.
Formation Evenementiel – Events Management School
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