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    Typing in youth years


    Back in the 80’s and 90’s when technology was evolving and becoming useful for people of all ages, children were enjoying the change through video games and hand-held game devices, only. The upsurge in TV video games and hand-held game devices helped children in enhancing their hand to eye coordination. But, those days are well gone now. Technology and children have come a long way. Therefore, we need to adaptaccordingly.

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    There was a time when technology was only confined to computers that were placed in homes or offices. It used to contain a heavyweight CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Today, technology has placed the world in our hands and we can access it whenever we want to. We are moving with smartphones in our pockets, tablets in our hands and laptops in our bags. This has made our lives much easier as we no longer have to find a computer cyber café to deliver information or communicate. Moreover, the smartphones and tablets are all touchscreens. With no keyboard, these devices simply work with a touch of the fingers. Though they were introduced for adults to get their work done, they are now actively used by children too. Even schools are encouraging children to finish their homework or projects on digital gadgets.


    As we move on, children are getting more and more involved in digital devices. They are no longer using it for watching videos or playing games. They are starting to communicate and complete their school work through them. With gadgets becoming such an important aspect of our children’s lives, there is a need for proper education. Education related to typing. Children must be taught how to type proficiently and quickly on touchscreen devices and this can only be achieved through typing games for children. Gradually these devices would make their way to schools and children may no longer be working on paper. So, before that day arrives and to combat present-day requirements, kids need to learn the art of typing. They need a tutor like kidstyping.org that would help them in learning how to type in a fun and enjoyable way.typing

    You cannot teach children the way you teach adults. That is not possible. The tolerance levels of children are very low. They easily get bored after a certain time and would only be willing to sit and learn, if it is being done in a proper and colorful way.
    Kidstyping.org knows the ability of kids and therefore, have designed amazing games for their learning. Besides having fun, they can get equipped with the art of typing. This would not just add another skill to their arsenal but would also enable them to walk toe to toe with the modern world. There are four levels with 12 stages in total. Three stages per level. When a kid becomes familiar with a certain level, they will move on to the slightly harder one. By the end of it all, they would be known as kid’s level professional typist.…