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    The Best Play-and-Learn Activities for Your Child

    It is a basic need for children to play. Give them the freedom to do so while they are young. Give them the options to discover what will give them the best satisfaction. Helping them find out their interest in such a young age will determine their future.

    The following are just a few of the play-and-learn options that you can let your child select on his own. They will not just hone their skills and talents but will inculcate values which your child will need to become the best person he can become.

    Sports Activities

    footballIf you are a sports buff, try bringing your child with you in your practice session. Your child may have the same interest as you. If your toddler doesn’t seem to be interested in what you are doing, then he might be inclined to other sports. Try watching different sporting events in T.V.; you will notice what catches his eyes. Give him pointers about that sport to draw more interest and bring him to a sports club where you can determine if he is really into it.

    Dance Lessons

    You will already know if your child has the inclination for dancing by the time he can manage to walk. For sure he has made your day for countless times with his signature dance moves. While you have taught him some routines, take it to next level by enrolling him in a dance school for kids. You will judge if he is really up for dancing when he is with his hanging around with fellow dancing toddlers.

    Voice Tutorials

    It is easy to tell if a child has the makings of a great singer. If one parent is a singer, then the child might have inherited the talent. The possibility is even more if both parents are music lovers. But even then, you can notice if the child loves to sing when he follows all the nursery rhymes in your DVD and when he prefers to play with the microphone than other toys; your child might be the next concert artist of his generation.

    Painting Classes

    Level up his coloring activities. He might be inclined to something more like painting. Enhance his painting skills by bringing him to art galleries and art studios. Who knows, the baby you are cuddling right now will be the next Leonardo Da Vinci.

    Typing Lessons

    hands-on, encodingOne of the most practical activities for your child is enrolling him in a typing class. Being in the computer age, it is indeed very beneficial for your child to be efficient in typing as early as possible. Incorporating advance use of the computer and lessons on languages, later on, will maximize your child’s potential.

    A child learns as he plays. Patience while indulging your child in educational activities is the key to your child’s progress in all aspects. Be artistic enough to inculcate play in these educational activities to ensure that your child will find enjoyment in what he is doing.…

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    Tips For Choosing The Best Preschool

    Each parent wants their children to receive the best educational foundation. This can be achieved through many ways. Some opt to home school their children while others take them to school. Finding the right preschool for your child can be such a hassle. The following are tips to help you in choosing the best preschool for your child.

    Distance from home

    It is important that one takes their child to a preschool near their home. One should visit the schools around their home and select the best among them. Taking one’s children far from home will be subjecting them to stress through the distance away from home, the pollution they will be exposed to, and their safety on the road among other things. A child is too young to be exposed to such conditions.

    Timing of the school

    Most preschools are on for half a day or maybe just a few hours. One should go for a preschool which has few hours. The children being taken to preschool learn best when they have few hours in school. Their parents also get time to bond with them after they come from school.

    The space

    classMost lessons in preschool are for bonding. That is why one should look at the outdoor space where their children will play from. This is why one should visit the school to ensure that the outdoor space has the capacity to handle the preschoolers with the necessary facilities to help them bond and interact. Do not be more interested in the outdoor space alone. The indoor space should also be well equipped to ensure that they have adequate facilities as well.

    The management

    The management is the backbone of any organization since they make the decisions that affect all the stakeholders. One should do some search on the management of the preschool to find out how well experienced they are to run the school. They should be well educated on children matters and have the capacity and experience to handle children. By doing this, one is ensuring that their children are in not only safe but also good hands.

    Available facilities

    Apart from the big spaces and classrooms, one should also check on the other facilities. Some of them include the medical facilities just in case any of the children fall ill. One should also find out about the security of the school and all measures put in place to ensure that their children are safe. One should also find out about the celebrations allowed in the preschool like the cultural days and graduations.

    Caliber of teachers

    kids and teacherThe teachers will be the ones interacting with the children for the better part of their time in school. They should be well trained and experienced. Besides that, they should be motherly so that children are comfortable and feel safe since they have a school mother.

    One should ensure they find out all they can about a school before taking their children there.…

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    Childhood Education – Choosing The Right Nursery School?

    What a child becomes is influenced to a huge extent by the environment they find themselves in. The home environment is the first environment where the child is stimulated and experienced to learn. With time, the child is bound to outgrow this environment. As a parent, the best thing to do when your child is ready to learn is to enroll them in a good day nursery and child care in Finchley. A good school provides a conducive environment that allows them to keep learning.

    Factors to consider when choosing a nursery school


    pre-scool class

    Where is the school located? The school you take your child to should be a location that is convenient for you and conducive for the child to learn. Therefore, if you will dropping the child on your way to work, the school should be anywhere along the route you use to work. For the benefit of the child, ensure the location is right as well.


    In your search, you also need to look for a nursery school with the best facilities. Moreover, these facilities should be in the right order. Since you will be taking your child to a nursery school, you should be interested in playing facilities considering that a child at this age is only interested in playing. There should a good number of toys and other creative resources to them.

    The school’s policies

    Most of the best school follow a structural approach in how they go about with their business. Some of these rules cover everything about how staff members relate to the kids, attendance issues, how disciplined is maintained among other things. Considering that most institutions have a document that explicitly defines the dos and don’ts, it is advisable to grab a copy of these rules and ensure they are followed.

    Qualifications and licensing

    boy playing It is important to look at the school’s licensing status as well as the suitability of the staff members. The staff members should not be just a bunch of baby sitters but qualified staff members. As such, staff members should be professional childhood educators or individuals trained in other relevant fields.

    Finding the right nursery school for your kid takes some time and effort. As such, parents are highly advised to do their homework before choosing a school to take their kid. As a tip, you may consider asking for recommendations from parents or local authorities. Always have these options in mind as you consider your options.…

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    Typing in youth years


    Back in the 80’s and 90’s when technology was evolving and becoming useful for people of all ages, children were enjoying the change through video games and hand-held game devices, only. The upsurge in TV video games and hand-held game devices helped children in enhancing their hand to eye coordination. But, those days are well gone now. Technology and children have come a long way. Therefore, we need to adaptaccordingly.

    game stick

    There was a time when technology was only confined to computers that were placed in homes or offices. It used to contain a heavyweight CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Today, technology has placed the world in our hands and we can access it whenever we want to. We are moving with smartphones in our pockets, tablets in our hands and laptops in our bags. This has made our lives much easier as we no longer have to find a computer cyber café to deliver information or communicate. Moreover, the smartphones and tablets are all touchscreens. With no keyboard, these devices simply work with a touch of the fingers. Though they were introduced for adults to get their work done, they are now actively used by children too. Even schools are encouraging children to finish their homework or projects on digital gadgets.


    As we move on, children are getting more and more involved in digital devices. They are no longer using it for watching videos or playing games. They are starting to communicate and complete their school work through them. With gadgets becoming such an important aspect of our children’s lives, there is a need for proper education. Education related to typing. Children must be taught how to type proficiently and quickly on touchscreen devices and this can only be achieved through typing games for children. Gradually these devices would make their way to schools and children may no longer be working on paper. So, before that day arrives and to combat present-day requirements, kids need to learn the art of typing. They need a tutor like that would help them in learning how to type in a fun and enjoyable way.typing

    You cannot teach children the way you teach adults. That is not possible. The tolerance levels of children are very low. They easily get bored after a certain time and would only be willing to sit and learn, if it is being done in a proper and colorful way. knows the ability of kids and therefore, have designed amazing games for their learning. Besides having fun, they can get equipped with the art of typing. This would not just add another skill to their arsenal but would also enable them to walk toe to toe with the modern world. There are four levels with 12 stages in total. Three stages per level. When a kid becomes familiar with a certain level, they will move on to the slightly harder one. By the end of it all, they would be known as kid’s level professional typist.…